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Get Free Domain and Hosting for lifetime 2021

Hello Friend, today in this article I will share How to get Free domain and hosting for lifetime !. Yes for a lifetime you will get free domain and hosting. So share this article in your social media accounts to supports us.

Many newbies want to start a career as a blogger, but a lot of them can’t make it due to their financial problems because they can not afford to purchase a domain or hosting. So they search around the web for free domain and hosting for 1 year so they can set up a blog, writing quality content on it to make money displaying Google AdSense ads.

In this post, I’m gonna review FreeDomaini and how to get a free domain and hosting for 1 year (limited time opportunity) from their service.

FreeDomaini Review

First of all, you should know more about FreeDomaini before get into it, right?

What is FreeDomaini?

The is one of the leading online tools providers for small businesses who need to build their web presence online. Domain and web hosting is its main services. They are based on the US.

How to get a free domain and hosting for lifetime with Freedomaini?

There is no GEO restriction to induce a free domain and hosting from Freedomaini. this chance won’t last an extended because it’s new startup web hosting and domain service providing company so act now before ends. you’ll get a free domain and free hosting for a year.


First, search your desired domain name. You will be redirected onto a new landing page. And then,


You need to type a security code correctly and again click on the search tab to reach into a new page. And then,

You will see if the domain you have searched for is available or not. If not available then you can search until you get available one. Or you can select a domain from their suggestion as seen in the image above.


If it’s ok with you (as I had searched for shantechsolutions that is available with .com), then you can move forward to register yourself with their system to have this free domain and hosting. Next, In the domain confirmation page, you will see the option “Has no hosting”. If you need free hosting too, you should click on that for their hosting.


There are 3 types of free lifetime hosting plan –

1. Share Hosting for a lifetime.
2. Cloud Hosting for a lifetime (25GB Storage max.).
3. WordPress Hosting for a lifetime.

How to create a blog for free in 2021

You need to pay for your domain after a year on an automatic based as well for hosting upon storage filled. Only register for a domain if you need it. Don’t make a bunch of domain names registered to avoid being a spammer in their system.

Does FreeDomaini really giving away free domain and hosting?

Yes, they do. But After registration for a free domain and hosting service, you need to wait a long time as they manually activate your service. There is no guarantee that your service will be activated if you register more than a service, but for sure you’re gonna make your web presence with their offer.


Most of the new domain and hosting providers offer a range of free services to get new clients means a new customer. And it is the easy way to promote a service to attract new customers, and that’s why they do something special. FreeDomaini is not a different one, so they do the same. But keep in mind that this opportunity won’t last long until they don’t stop it. So cheers. If you find this post helpful or useful, please share your comment and show us love and support. Thanks for the read.

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