[Giveaway ended] 100x Grammarly premium accounts

For me, a pretty significant milestone with the ShanTechSolutions YouTube Channel: We passed the 2,500+ subscribers. To hit that many friends in essentially one year have been surprising and extremely gratifying. When I started YouTube videos, I never dreamed that they would receive as many views or subscribers as they have. I’m very thankful to all you folks out there who find my disjointed ramblings about fountain pens to be even of little value.


Now, on to the giveaway part that everyone’s interested in. As part of my mini-celebration, I’m taking the money that YouTube gives me for making you sit through ads before my videos, and giving it back to you! To thank my subscribers for subscribing to my ShanTechSolutions youtube channel, and for all the great folks who watch my videos, I am giving away 100 premium Grammarly accounts.you can check my video for proof of premium. So hurry up and grab it before someone grab it


  1. First Subscribe my youtube channel ShanTechSolutions
  2. Press the bell icon to receive all notification
  3. Download here Grammarly premium accounts

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Disclaimer: The premium accounts being provided here are for trial purposes only. We encourage you to buy your own Grammarly Premium Membership.