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How to change Spotify username and password

Hello guys! Today in this article we are talking about how to change spotify username and its password by using simple and easy methods. Today Who doesn’t like to enjoy good music? For this, Spotify is one of the best applications to play your favorite music without downloading it to your device. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and even smart TVs or video game consoles.

To access this application, it is necessary to have an email and a password. If you have forgotten it or want to place another, discover how to change Spotify username? to continue enjoying the service.

Change Spotify username

While it’s potential to change your spotify username on different on-line social platforms, Spotify does not allow you to change your username, particularly if you have already got an account.

At the sign-up stage, Spotify provides 2 choices of either using your email address or your Facebook account.


If you register along with your email address, Spotify automatically generates a username within the sort of random numbers and letters, that is what most users do not like as a result of they need to be able to select their own usernames.

However, if you decide on to register using your Facebook account, then you’ll get your own username.

If you’re not pleased with the random numbers you got for a Spotify username, there’s a faint bright side to get around this using these other ways.

Create a new Account

Spotify’s system contains a method of mapping playlists to accounts that makes it hard to change your Spotify username.

However, you’ll create a new account therefore on change your Spotify username, then contact Spotify’s client support team so that they will transfer everything including your playlists, to your new username, or account.

How to change spotify username

  • Close your current Spotify account. This needs to be a Free account. Therefore you would like to cancel your subscription before you close up it. It’s additionally necessary to notice that you’ll lose your playlists, account or play list followers, and your music/library collections. However, you’ll contact Spotify support team to help you move to a brand new account within seven days of closing the recent one.
  • Create a brand new account along with your new username. Please note that you simply cannot use a username double, although you closed the previous account.

How to change Spotify password

If you decide to change the Spotify password because it seems unsafe or for other reasons, you can do so from the account settings. It is recommended that you do it from the website since from the application it is not possible to do it. The steps to follow will depend on the action you are going to perform, among which the following stand out:

Change Spotify user password

Changing the Spotify password is a very common action of the users of this application. To do it safely, you just have to follow the following steps carefully:

  • Open https://www.spotify.com and log in.
  • Go to https://www.spotify.com/account/change-password/. You can also tell Profile > Account > go to the Change Password section, located in the left column.
  • Once in the Change password section, simply place your current password in the first field. Then, enter the new code and confirm it in the third line.
  • Press “Set new password” and voila. The new password will be updated.

As in everything, you need to protect your data. Therefore, always use passwords that are difficult to decipher to ensure your security.

Change Spotify password if you don’t remember your current password

The procedure changes when you don’t know the password, and you need to reset it. However, it is still a simple method in which you should only:

  • Put in the field that opens the email address, or the username of the account. Then press “Send.”
  • Check your email inbox and look for a message with the subject “Reset password” and open it. If it is not in the inbox, look it up in the spam mail area or other folders. If you can’t get it, make sure you have entered the correct email.
  • Click on the link in the message sent by Spotify to open a new page.
  • Then, enter your new password, confirm it and press “Send”.
  • Login to your account with your previous username or email and the new password.

For those who enter from Facebook, you must access the settings to reset or change the password.

In conclusion, changing the Spotify username and password is a simple procedure that you can perform from any device with Internet access. You just have to have the affiliate email active, so they can send you the reset link. The protection of your data is the best way to take care of your accounts and your music.


At the end, I hope you got information about how to change spotify username or password. If you have any questions related to this article. let us know in the comments section down below. I will give a reply to you.

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