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How to Create a Blog for FREE in 2021

How to create a blog for free in 2021. The need to express oneself is universal and goes beyond fashions or trending. Creating a blog is as valid in 2021 as it was a decade ago. It is also effortless and free. Let’s see what options we have.

Blogs lived their peak time in the 90s, and in the first years of the new millennium. Then came the social networks, and YouTube, and there was massive emigration. But sometimes technology is like a wheel, and everything returns to the starting point. If you are tired of the pressure and posturing of social networks, creating a blog is still an attractive idea in 2021.

On the other hand, one thing is not at odds with the other. You can maintain accounts in social networks and, at the same time, use a blog for more personal, or more concrete, topics. And add links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube on your blog.

Creating a blog is free and very simple. But before getting down to work, it is necessary to make a series of decisions, depending on the type of blog you want to create. There are more suitable blogging services for specific topics, or that offer more or fewer options in the blog edition, or in the type of content.

Let’s see what options we have to create a free blog in 2021.

The steps to follow

Before turning on your computer or mobile phone and registering for the free service that will allow you to create your own blog, it is essential to be clear about the steps that must be taken to obtain a complete (and satisfactory) experience.

A series of requirements must be met:

  1. Choose a blog creation tool. It is the main objective of this article
  2. Choose hosting for the blog (the place where you will be staying). Most of the services that we are going to see offer free hosting (with some publicity). But nothing prevents you from hosting it in your own hosting service
  3. Associate it with a domain. If you choose the free hosting, you will get a blog address like It is a bit amateur when you want to make your blogknown. You can buy a domain to host your blog in a web of type, but logically you’ll have to spend some money on the domain and hosting. It’s not much.
  4. Decide if you are going to include or not advertising. If you have a few visits, it is not profitable, but if the blog is a success, it is time to raise it.

What do I need?

Creating a blog is, in essence, creating a web page with its header, it’s content, its photos and/or videos, and its links. But do not be scared, because it does not require any kind of programming knowledge or graphic design. The only thing you need to write fluently and without mistakes, and have something interesting to tell.

All the blogging services that we are going to see have templates that allow you to create the blog without knowing to program. You simply choose the template according to the theme of your blog (since some favor the use of photos, others focus on the text, others are very ornate, etc.) and personalize it by changing the header for your own, putting a title to the blog, upload a photo or video, and that’s it. You can now start publishing and writing to your blog!

Web programming is necessary?

Logically yes, you know web programming you can completely customize the page to differentiate it from others that use the same template, but it is not mandatory.

All these free services offer blog hosting, that is, space on a server to save it and to manage visits to the blog, so you do not have to worry about anything.

However, being free, you have a limited space to upload photos or videos, a cap of monthly visitors, and the blog will show advertising that puts the company that gives you the service.

Almost all of them offer a payment alternative. For a monthly fee, you eliminate advertising, and you get more space for multimedia content, as well as your own domain.

Nothing prevents you from starting with the free version and later, if the blog works, take the leap to the paid version, or take the blog to the hosting service you want.

The importance of the name of the blog

Choose the option you choose, the first thing to do is start with the name of the blog. And think about the future.

We say this because if you choose a name with a hook to try and then the blog is successful, when you go to buy a domain name (something of the style ) the name may be caught, and you can not register it.

Therefore, name your blog, and check that the web page that you would like to use, is not caught. You can check this in infinite sites, for example in this link from GoDaddy.

Imagine that you want to call your blog, shan technology, and you would like your domain name to be: Go to the previous link and where it says Search for free domains write: It will tell you if it is available:


If it is, keep in mind that anyone can buy it. Decide if you want to register it to save it, or wait. Most registration services charge 1 euro the first year, and between 10 and 15 euros per year starting from the second, so it’s not expensive.

The most user-friendly blogging services

Let’s start by taking a look at the most popular and accessible platforms to create a free blog in 2021. Most have been in operation for years, a time that has been devoted to correcting errors, improving, and facilitating the creation of the blog. This means that they stand out for the ease of use and customization options.


Blogger was one of the best blogging services, created by Pyra Labs in 1999. Google bought it in 2003, and since then, it has been strengthening it, integrating its tools.

This is Blogger’s strong point: how easy it is to use Google services. You can save photos and videos from your blog in Google Drive without taking up space, import Gmail content, place the Google search on your blog, make money using Google Adsense ads, and get all kinds of usage statistics with Google Analytics.


It is a free platform, does not offer payment services directly. And although it does not have as many customization options or tools like WordPress, and the design of blogs is less showy, in return, it is simpler and faster to use.

It is also one of the few that allows customizing HTML and CSS code. If you know to program, you can customize the blog to your liking.

All the blogs that you create with Blogger will have the extension, although you can use your own domain and hosting.


It is the reference blogging service, although it has evolved so much that nowadays it is also used to create complete web pages. Companies like Renault or Disney employ it. More than 80 million blogs and websites use WordPress.

Keep in mind that there are two ways to use the platform. gives access to the free version with hosting included (although you can hire payment plans). offers all the tools and content for free, but you must search on your own where to host your blog.


The advantage of using WordPress is the number of customization options it offers, although it is true that this may overwhelm the novice bloggers a bit. But everything is very intuitive and well explained.

It has hundreds of templates that fit any type of blog, and hundreds of plug-ins that allow you to add tools and improvements to the blog, from chat service to survey, download, video player, etc.

Another advantage is that all hosting services are compatible with WordPress. So you can bring your blog and host it in the company that you want, without making modifications.

Although the free version has publicity, it is not intrusive. It is perfectly adapted to mobile (you can even edit the blog from a smartphone) and offers a lot of statistics about visitors: the place of origin, time spent on the web, what sections they visit, etc.

It also offers 5 payment options from 3 euros per month, which includes its own domain, more space, no ads, more personalization tools, etc.


Wix started as a free service full of advertising, but little by little, it was improving until it became an option to take into account when creating a blog or web page.

Lately, Wix has focused its proposal on stores and businesses, since it integrates advertising and e-commerce functions on the blog, and the option to sell products. The templates have a professional finish and offer unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to use your own domain. It also adapts perfectly to mobile phones.


It is possible to add social networking tools for your readers to share your articles in social networks, photo galleries and videos, SEO tools, and your own HTML code.


Tumblr, one of the reference microblogging services, has also lost many users, and Verizon has put it on sale. It worked very well as a mix of blog and social network, creating blogs based on photos, videos, and memes. But the competition of social networks like Instagram or Pinterest has ended up taking their toll.


Even so, it remains fully valid. The best thing is, without a doubt the more than thousand templates (themes) to personalize your blog. the unlimited space it offers, as well as the possibility of editing the HTML code and CSS access, to customize the blog to the fullest. Although it has few tools of use.

Tumblr is an excellent option to create thematic blogs focused on social networks or use of photos.

Specialized services

There are platforms for particular content, which will be very useful if they fit the type of blog you want to do.


It was created by the co-founders of Twitter. It is one of the best options to create a blog in 2021 if you are going to focus it from a journalistic or opinion point of view.

Actually, in Medium, you do not have a blog in itself, but you publish an article or opinion that will be stored in categories of specific topics, and link with similar articles, and other texts that you have written.


It is a very effective way to let you know. In fact, it is used by many journalists, professors, and professionals. But keep in mind that the aspect of Medium is that of an online newspaper, with few photos and a lot of text, and few customization options (precisely so as not to break the uniformity).


As has happened to many other Internet platforms, WordPress had grown so much over the years that it had lost a bit of the essence of what it was when it was created.

For that reason, some WordPress developers decided to leave the company to create Ghost, which in a way is a return to the origins of WordPress.


Ghost is a modern, open source platform, compatible with the programming languages ​​and group work services that are used now, and perfectly adapted to the mobile. It takes care of the SEO and the relations with social networks.

Although it is a non-profit platform if you want blog hosting, you have to pay a fee that is not cheap, starting at $29 a month. But you can try for 15 days.

Newer proposals

If you do not mind paying some money or want to try different proposals, check out these alternatives:

  1. Drupal
  2. Joomla!
  3. Pyro
  4. TestPattern

We have seen the best options to create a free blog in 2021.

I’m Shan, a Blogger, YouTuber, and Social Influencer. I have four years of experience in This Field. I like to share knowledge with people Through social networks.