How to know connected wifi password in mobile

Did you know that your smartphone keeps these WiFi passwords, and could you get them back? We show you how to know connected wifi passwords from your Android smartphone.

Forgetting the WiFi password is quite common, but if that password belongs to a WiFi network you used to connect to, and now you can not recover.

Know connected wifi passwords

Actually, it is not the simplest solution to recover a WiFi password since from Android 6.0, the file that contains the list of WiFi networks and passwords to which your smartphone has been connected is encrypted, and the user can not access it.

But that’s when Android’s root rights come into play to blow up those restrictions and give a superuser free access with all access rights unlocked.

Therefore, you can only access the WiFi passwords stored on your Android, if you have previously unlocked the root rights on your smartphone or if you are using a smartphone with Android 5.0 or earlier, something that we frankly doubt will happen in 2019.

Access WiFi passwords on Android from a root browser

Android stores all the passwords of WiFi networks, as well as their names and data in an encrypted file in the system directory of your smartphone.

As we have already mentioned, the only way to access this file is to have the root permissions for your Android mobile. Once rooted, you will have free access to read that encrypted file and recover the WiFi passwords that you have forgotten.

One of the best ways in which to do this is to access that file through a file browser that allows root functions, which will enable you to access the always delicate Android configuration files.

That means that any modification of these files could mean that your smartphone stops working correctly, so we recommend you take the utmost care when accessing these files with the root rights enabled.

In our case, we have used Total Commander as a browser, which is available on Google Play for free.


After starting the app, tap Allow to grant administrator permissions and access the system folder. Once in this folder, follow the path / data / misc / wifi . Here you will find the configuration file wpa_supplicant.conf.

Long press on this file to display the context menu of Total Commander and touch Open with to open it with the editor that includes the application.

In the text of the file, under the commands network = you will find the names of the networks that you have saved on your smartphone, and after the PSK = value you will find the password that was introduced for that network.


You will only have to copy it to regain the password of WiFi networks saved on your Android. Try not to modify this file, since doing so is likely to have problems connecting to WiFi networks.

See WiFi passwords saved on Android with an App

If you do not want to lose yourself among the different Android menus, the best thing you can do is let one of the apps specializing in finding this type of file be responsible for detecting them and displaying the data stored in them in a more precise way for the user.

One of these apps is WiFi Key Recovery that, remember, will only work if you have root permissions on your Android.


After installing it on your smartphone, start it and click on Allow to activate the root permissions and then show the list of WiFi networks that your smartphone has stored with their corresponding passwords.

Keeping the tap on them, you can copy the data to use in other apps or send them, as well as generate a QR code (as long as you have the Barcode Scanner app installed ) so you can scan it from another device.

Also, you can export a list with the different WiFi networks and their passwords, clicking on the Export option, then export to the SD card in text format or send to another device.


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