How to record WhatsApp call using a whatsapp call recorder

Recording voice calls on iOS or Android mobile phone is not an easy task. Especially if you do not want the interlocutor to know. Official apps do not usually allow it, so you have to resort to specialized third-party apps. Let’s see how to record WhatsApp call using a call recorder app.

There are times when we need to record a voice call using whatsapp call recorder. Maybe out of curiosity, as a reminder of an essential or emotional appeal that we are going to make, or because we want to have proof of harassment, threat, labor abuse, etc. That’s why we’re going to explain how to record voice calls in WhatsApp and Skype on Android and iPhone.

It is essential to know that legally, we can only record voice calls if we participate in them and do not make illegal use, such as spreading a private conversation. Only in the cases above of harassment, threat, etc. it would be justified, although later it would be the judge who decided if that test is valid. But it can be used to open a complaint or ask for protection.

Record WhatsApp voice calls

WhatsApp added the possibility of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) a couple of years ago. The sound quality is not very good, but it complies, and the calls are free.

Record calls from WhatsApp on Android

As with conventional calls, it is not possible to record WhatsApp calls directly from the app itself. We must use a third-party app. In this case, we are going to use Cube ACR. It’s free, and it works pretty well.


Install the app and activate the permissions. There are some mandatory, such as access to the microphone and calls, and other optional, such as geolocating calls or accessing your contacts (to identify them when they call).

The app will perform a check of your mobile, and it is possible to tell you that it is not suitable to record calls by VoIP, as you have told us with a Moto G. It is still possible to record them, although it can give some faults. Within the app, tap the three vertical menus enable lines to Enable recording and tap Recording. Within the VoIP section, you will see an option called Ignore compatibility check. Activate it to be able to record calls in WhatsApp if the verification of the beginning told you that you were not suitable:

To record calls, return to the menu of the three vertical lines, and touch Enable Recording if you have not already done so. If you click on Record, you will access some configuration options, for example, to add more quality to the recording.

When you call or receive a call on WhatsApp, a recording icon will appear on the screen. Touch it to start recording.

On the main screen of Cube ACR, the recordings will appear, which you can listen or save.

Recorder function

If the applications that record directly do not work well, there is a second option: use a whatsapp call recorder app. That is an app that records everything that happens on your mobile screen on video. You can file a call as if it were a recorder. It will not sound as good as a direct recording, and you will hear background noise, but it can be useful.

First, you must download a screen recording app. Make sure you record audio. There are many, for example, (Screen Recorder or REC: Screen Recorder, Video Editor & Screenshot .) For our tests, we have used the latter:


Simply launch the recorder application and when you receive a call, or before calling you, hit the record button. Put your hands-free so that the conversation can be heard through the loudspeakers of the mobile, and turn up the volume to the maximum. Both the video that appears on the screen (if it exists) and the audio will be recorded.

Record calls from WhatsApp on iOS

As with Android, the WhatsApp app on iOS does not allow you to record calls either. Therefore you have to resort to third-party apps, but in iOS, there are less, and most are paid.

You can try Call Recorder Pro or ACR Call Recorder. A panel appears during the call, with a record button to start recording. They can also be programmed to record all calls.



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