How to recover deleted photos on android phone without root

Do not panic! You can still recover the photos you have deleted from your android mobile. We show you step by step on how to recover deleted photos from your android phone in 2019.

It has happened to all of us. In one of those outbursts of cleaning the memory of your smartphone, you have gone hand, and maybe you have deleted photos that you need and want to recover later. We show you how to recover deleted photos on Android in 2019.

The good news is that there are many possibilities to recover the deleted photos of your Android, without having to install any additional application. Although the help of these photo recovery apps will be necessary in some cases.

In any case, the important thing is to carry out the recovery as soon as possible to prevent the system from reusing the space occupied by that file to rewrite new data. Something that would seriously hamper the recovery of deleted photos from your smartphone.

First of all, look in the trash

Perhaps by mimicking the efficiency of desktop operating systems, some manufacturers and developers have included a recycle bin in their gallery or photo management apps.

Operating systems such as EMUI 9 from Huawei, One UI from Samsung, UX 6.0 from LG or MIUI 10 from Xiaomi integrate a recycle bin in their galleries, in which the deleted files are saved for a prudential period before being permanently deleted.

For example, on an LG mobile, simply access the Gallery app. Next, tap on the options icon in the upper right corner and choose the Trash option.

In this section, you can find all the files that you have deleted classified in different folders, just like in the gallery.

You will only have to touch on the correct folder to access the photos that you have deleted depending on their origin, depending on whether you have made them with your smartphone’s camera or are screenshots. If you want to recover a photo that you have received. WhatsApp.

Press and hold the photo you want to recover and choose the Restore option that will appear in a pop-up menu. With this, your photo will appear again in the section of the gallery that corresponds to it, and you can use it normally.

Google Photos also uses a Recycle Bin

If you use Google Photos to manage and backup your photos, you will not need any additional app to recover the images that you have deleted from your smartphone.

To recover deleted photos from Google Photos, the process is very similar. Just access the app and display the side panel by clicking on the icon on the top left.

Here, look for the Trash option and click on it to access all the images you have recently deleted. As we say, here time plays against you because if you deleted the photo more than 15 days ago, it is probably not in the trash bin anymore, since Google automatically deletes them every so often.

To recover a specific one, you just have to select it and touch on the Restore option so that the photo returns to its original location.

Recover your deleted photos Without root using App

If none of the above has worked, there is still a possibility to recover the photos of your android mobile that you have deleted by accident. For this, you only need to use the appropriate recovery apps.

Several apps will be very useful to you. Some of them are not even paid, so you can recover your deleted photos on Android without root for free. One of these free apps to recover photos is DiskDigger.


This app allows quick and easy recovery of photos that have been deleted from the internal memory of the mobile.

Its operation is straightforward and intuitive, so any user can recover their photos. When you start the app, choose the option, Start basic photo scanning. This function performs an analysis of the cache of the apps and looks for the thumbnails of the images that have been deleted.

Unfortunately, if you are not a root user, you will not be able to recover the photos at full resolution, but you will be able to recover a smaller version that you can continue using.

This initial scan may take a few minutes depending on the number of photos. After analyzing the device’s memory, all the deleted photos that you can recover will start to appear.

Once you have located the photo (or photos) that you want to recover, check the box of each of them and touch on the Recover button . and choose if you prefer to restore it using any of the cloud applications like Dropbox or Google Drive, or save it in a specific location in the android phone memory.

If you choose this last option you just have to use a file manager to access the location you have indicated to recover the photos that you had deleted on your Android.


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