How to Use WhatsApp without appearing as Online

The privacy in WhatsApp can be very scarce in what situations. How many times have you heard someone complain that someone else did not stop sending messages? Some even control when you use the application and see their messages to demand an immediate response. Do not let that happen, then we show you two ways to use WhatsApp without appearing online.

Every time you use the Whatsapp application to check messages or send some, other users who have your phone can see that you are connected and also if you are writing to them. In principle, it should not be a problem, but we already know that there is always a small chance of hitting a heavy with terrible education.

Why do not you answer me? What are you doing, I know you’re connected? This pressure should not be allowed, but if it does not work with explaining what is bothering you, you can choose to hide your activity and not let that person see that you are using the application or that you have read their incessant messages.

1.How to Use WhatsApp without showing Online

To start in the configuration of the application, you will find the way to prevent others from knowing that you have read the messages, that is, to deactivate the double check that appears next to each message. You just have to enter the Settings, then go to Privacy and press the button in “Reading Confirmations” to remove it in green.

Then we will prevent them from knowing when we are Online. Disabling WiFi, mobile data, and activating airplane mode will leave our mobile phone offline. At that time, we can enter WhatsApp and write and read any message that comes to us.

Once we have finished, we will have to reconnect the mobile to the network so that these messages are sent, but we will no longer be Online, and they will have let us write in peace.

2.Using Android Application

There is another way to get messages written incognito. With the application Fychat, you can write and read messages and even send them without your contacts knowing that you are doing it. All you need is to download it and approve the overlay permission.

This implies that the application will open a floating WhatsApp screen where you can use it without a problem. By not having to enter the WhatsApp application, you do not appear as connected or writing, but you can use the messaging app precisely the same.


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