How to Make Business Blog SEO Friendly

How to make business blog SEO friendly, two popular platforms to rank well in the search engines, your business blog should be search engine friendly. To begin, the title, as well as the content of your blog post, must contain keyword phrases that are relevant to your business blog.

Make Business Blog SEO Friendly

But before you pick your keywords phrases, then research each keyword term and decide on those which are hottest and also have the smallest quantity of rivalry.

Some tools to help you select the best keyword phrases for your business blog are Wordtracker, Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool, and the Digital Point Keyword Research tool.

After you’ve chosen keyword phrases relevant to your business blog, place the most crucial keyword phrase in the title of your post. Next, put all the keyword phrases you chose throughout the content of your blog post.


Once you’ve completed these two steps, check the keyword density with a free keyword density tool such as the Keyword Density Analysis Tool.

A good keyword density to aim for is anywhere from 3% to 5%, anything over 5% may be considered spam. If you discover that your content needs more keyword phrases to reach at least 3%, then the keyword mentioned above tool will allow you to rewrite the content for your business blog while viewing the keyword density for the keyword phrases you entered.
As you write the content for your business blog, you want it to be interesting enough to keep your visitors reading, so try to let your keyword phrases fall into the content naturally.

In addition to including your most important keyword phrase in your title and sprinkling your chosen keyword phrases throughout the content of each blog post, I also recommend installing an SEO plugin.

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