Pi Network invitation Code 2021 – REVIEW

Today in this article we share with you what is pi network, its value, how does it work, or the pi network invitation code. We tell you some details about the Pi cryptocurrency, a project in charge of a team of specialists who graduated from Stanford University, seeking to bring the mining process to the user’s mobile phone.

In the cryptocurrency environment, you can find some quite interesting projects. The Pi Network virtual currency is one of them.

The Pi cryptocurrency has been around for a relatively short time. Therefore, many users still do not have much knowledge regarding this new digital currency.

One of the main questions crypto enthusiasts ask when a new unit appears on the market is its reliability.

When investing in a virtual currency, many important elements come into play, not only our money but, in many cases, also personal information.

Here we tell you some of the Pi Network cryptocurrency’s main qualities and how reliable it is.

But let’s go by parts and start by getting to know her a little better.

What is the Pi Network cryptocurrency?

The Pi Network cryptocurrency is a project spearheaded by notorious Stanford University graduates that exceed 3.5 million users.

This is exceptionally striking since its characteristics have managed to captivate so many people in a relatively short time.

Pi Network was conceived as a cryptoasset that was easy for everyone to access, based mainly on a peer to peer market system (person to person), without intermediaries’ participation.

In other words, a decentralized system in which any user can get cryptocurrencies equally by mining from their mobile device.

Pi Network invitation Code

It is a young virtual currency with a very clear focus: favoring fair obtaining by its users without intermediaries and prioritizing privacy.

Its mining system is based on creating security circles in which different individuals can interact and validate their transactions.

In these “circles,” trust is extremely important since each user must know the other.

It is important to note that right now, the Pi cryptocurrency is still in a Beta stage. According to your development team, this is the second of three stages.

However, there are many pioneering users who, in exchange for their services, receive coins for free.

What is the value of the virtual currency Pi?

As it is crypto active in the testing stage, at the moment, it has a null market value, as can be seen on its CoinMarketCap page.

The Pi cryptocurrency can be had, but it cannot be sold, traded, or bought.

When the platform is accessed, only the total number of mined coins can be appreciated.

It is expected that the software that allows trading with cryptocurrency will be launched in the course of 2021.

In this way, the initial nodules would be established that would provide the possibility of carrying out tests among some selected users.

The program will remain in its beta stage for the rest of the individuals until its official launch.

What is known is that the format used to obtain crypto assets has a very intuitive operation, making it very easy to use for any user, regardless of the level of experience in using these programs.

How does Pi Network work?

Pi Network has a free mobile app as the basis of the project, which can be downloaded from:

Google Play Store

App Store

First, you need an invitation code to signup. Use my invitation(shanjee0900) to get 1 Pi (π) for free. Its operation is simple. You enter the platform, and only when you access the main screen will you have all the content at your disposal.

You can see the amount of Pi (π) that you have at your disposal in the upper section.

Additionally, you will find the following icons:

  • Chat, in which you can talk about the Pi cryptocurrency with other users
  • Shield, which symbolizes the number of users that are within your circle (the minimum being one person and the maximum five)
  • User icon, which shows the number of people invited by the user and those who are mining.

There is also the symbol of a small lightning bolt, which symbolizes the mining process, which you must press every 24 hours to continue with the mining process.

Is the Pi cryptocurrency reliable?

The characteristics of the Pi cryptocurrency, while not something new, are quite interesting.

You can enable mining from your mobile every 24 hours, you can even close the app since the mining process occurs in the cloud, which contributes to not consuming battery.

Plus, having to check it only once every 24 hours to keep mining is very convenient.

So is the app reliable?

As mentioned above, the project has not yet reached its final stage, which is why it isn’t easy to reach an accurate conclusion regarding its reliability.

However, it shows all the signs of being a reliable project.

Pi network invitation code

Its referral system is one of the points that makes users doubt since it can be confused with a pyramid system. To enter, you must enter the referral name of the user who has invited you to join.


In this way, they state that you need to know someone within the project to be invited, which creates an “environment of trust and security within it”.

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