4 tips for to write plagiarism-free thesis papers

While writing a research paper or thesis paper, the student usually searches the topic by different resources, including online and offline material.

Keep in mind that there aren’t any resources where you can copy the content and use them in your thesis. Some students think there is not anything awful about copying someone’s thoughts.

It’s a misconception!

Remember, when you include the copied content in your thesis, it may affect your reputation and, in some cases, create legal obligations.

plagiarism checker for thesis

In this article, we will discuss the tips to write unique content for your thesis, and following these tips, you can make your paper unique which is acceptable by your institute.  

Before that, let’s discuss how much-copied content can be used in your writing.

How much plagiarism is acceptable in the thesis?

Directly copying a person’s thoughts is never allowed in any case. When copying or replicating other author’s ideas and presenting them as your own, this is considered plagiarism, which can create serious significances for you.

In thesis, you can’t even have a single percent of plagiarism, and once it’s detected, your thesis may get rejection.

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In case you need to insert the reference from another source, you need a proper citation with any of the citation styles. 

In addition to citations, you should also have quotation marks around the content that let users know that the content is not yours.

A thesis takes a lot of time to be completed, and if your work is not unique, the chances of rejection will increase. 

Tips for Write Plagiarism Free Thesis

Use Online Plagiarism Checker

Upon completing the thesis, it is recommended to use a plagiarism checker for thesis to help you know any duplicate content. These tools are available online and capable of finding similarities in your thesis content.

Online Plagiarism Checker

A good plagiarism checker can easily help you acquire the percentage of plagiarized and original content. Besides, the tool will highlight the copied sentences and inform the source of the content.

This can lead the student to cite the source and avoid the plagiarism.

Cite the source

After utilizing the plagiarism checking tool, you can attain the URL of the source. This URL can be used to cite using different methods of citation.

Some of the common citation methods include:

These styles include the original publication’s multiple details like author name, year of publishing, URL of the website, etc.


Different online tools can help the students in citing the sources and more amazingly, some plagiarism checkers also

Use Quotation Marks

Using quotation marks around the replicate content is another way of dodging plagiarism. The content that you have copied should be prominent, and quotation marks can be useful for this.


According to experts, it is recommended to add the citation along with the quotation marks because it will provide credit to the original author.

Rewrite the sentences

By knowing the plagiarized section, you can rewrite these to maintain the meaning but change your writing’s similarities.


It’s better to rewriter yourself as it benefits to maintain the thesis concept, but you can opt for online rewriting tools. 

These tools will replace words by their synonyms to remove the similarity found in your thesis.


Many student’s thesis gets rejected because they are not original, which can affect the student’s reputation. 

Universities worldwide have mutual policies of the original thesis, and tips mentioned above can be useful for this purpose. 

In thesis, there are chances of plagiarism which may occur intentionally or unintentionally but avoiding it is a must thing. 

For important sentences that are copied, quoting along with citation is the best method. 

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