Top 18 advanced google search techniques

Google has been designed so that everyone can use it, but if you know a series of tricks, you will get better results in your queries. Take note of these advanced google search techniques.

Advanced Google search techniques

For many years, Google is an essential tool for users. Millions of users have the search engine as the home page, which is why it is the gateway to the Internet for countless people.

Such is the importance of the Mountain View search engine that it is common to hear that if you are not in Google, you simply do not exist. For this reason, developers around the world strive to meet the requirements of the company, making their sites are as friendly as possible for the search engine.


The service is straightforward to use and allows anyone to use natural language to make queries and find what they are looking for. However, some tricks help a lot to obtain more accurate and refined results. To lend a hand, in this list, we have compiled for you the best advanced google search techniques.

Start with a simple search.

Google is designed thinking about how an average user behaves, in the words or expressions used in each language to reach specific information. For this reason, the first advice is to start with a simple search. Write the question or phrase that you think may lead to the answer you’re looking for, and probably will.

If after using a logical and straightforward phrase you do not find what you are looking for, read on to try more tips.

Use an exact phrase .

If you want to find something definite, a good trick to advanced google search techniques is to use the precise phrase. For example, imagine that you want to know the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S10. To find the most related results, type in the “Samsung Galaxy S10 features” search field (with the quotes), and Google will show you only the pages whose content contains this exact phrase.


It is possible that one of the words of the exact phrase may vary. In that case, you can use an asterisk between the quotes to specify that the term is variable. You can use this trick if, for example, you are looking for expression and you have doubts that it is correct.

Search by social network and hashtag.

In many occasions, we are interested in finding information within a social network or a specific topic, and in meeting these needs, Google allows us to search by social network and hashtag.


To search by the social network, write an @ in front of the channel where you want to find content. For example, @twitter@facebook, or @linkedin. If you want to search for hashtags, write it normally with the pad in front. For example # elections2019 or #set game.


Exclude terms from your search .

Sometimes, Google returns results that are not related to the information we want to find. If this happens to you, you can easily exclude the terms that are contaminating your findings by writing a script before the word you wish to exclude.

Example, imagine that you want to know what speed a jaguar (the animal) can reach, but the search results show you the rate of different Jaguar models (the car). To narrow your search, enter jaguar speed-car.

Combines searches .

Another tip to advanced google search techniques is to use the OR operator, which allows you to connect several search terms.

For example, you can enter a marathon OR race if you want to find results related to marathons or races. Of course, remember that you have to write OR with capital letters for the operator to work.

Search within a website .

Do you want to find information within the site? Although the portals have internal search engines, sometimes they are not very useful. If you have difficulty locating what interests you on a page, Google allows you to narrow your search to a website. To do this, enter the keywords of your search and the site: + the website or the domain.

For example, to find content that talks about the Google on, type google


Find related websites .

If you are looking for information and you do not find it on a public page, you can straightforwardly find associated sites. To do this, type in Google related: + the website or the domain.

For example, to find websites related to, type related:

Look for information on the Google cached version .

Sometimes, when we do a search, we find that the page we want to consult is temporarily down or has been updated and no longer collects the information we want to see. In this case, you can search the Google cached version, which is a screenshot that the search engine retains from a previous version.


For example, imagine that due to maintenance or a specific problem, is down and you would like to consult some news, analysis, or file. To do this, type in Google, and you will access the cached version. In the upper part, you will see the day and time in which the version you are viewing was published.

Search by type of document .

It is possible that the answer to your search is not on a web page but in a report. In that case, Google allows you to narrow down the type of document you would like to locate. To do this, type your keywords and then filetype + document type.


For example, imagine that you would like to find a London guide in PDF. To do this, enter London filetype guide: pdf, and in the results, you will see these documents.

Search definitions .

Another trick to search in Google allows you to find meanings of words speedily and straightforwardly. To do this, all you have to do is write define: + the term you want to define.


For example, if you type define: anabolic, you will see the entry in the Google dictionary. Also, if you wish you can translate the term easily by selecting the language in the lower drop-down.

Find books, songs, number of episodes .

Would you like to know the list of books that you have published to an author, the list of songs of a group or musical artist or the number of chapters that a series has? A query in Google is enough to leave doubts.

To do this, you just have to write, for example, Stephen King BooksArctic Monkeys Songs or Episodes Game of Thrones, and the first result that appears will solve your doubts.

Search for the translation of a word .

If you want to know the translation of a word, it is not necessary to enter an online translator, because Google shows you the translation in a blink of an eye. To do this, write translate + word + to + language . For example, if you introduce translate face to English, the first result you will see is the one that shows you the image that we have left you next, where you can see the different possibilities of translation and even listen to the pronunciation of the word.

Sports information .

The next tip to advanced google search techniques allows you to find sports information in a couple of clicks. For example, if you type the name of your favorite football team, Google shows you a widget with the next matches, the news, the ranking, and the players.

Do calculations .

Google has a calculator so you can find the answer to certain operations in a jiffy. For example, write 21% of 346.77, and you will see the result in the calculator widget. Also, if you wish you can display the widget to use it at any time by typing calculator in the search engine.


Convert currencies .

Do you want to know how many euros are 499 yuan? To make conversions of currencies around the world, these advanced techniques to search on Google will be handy. All you have to do is enter in the search engine pass + money + a + currency, for example, pass yuan to euros and the Google currency conversion widget will be displayed.


Check the weather .

If you would like to know what time you are going to do in a particular place, Google will show you this information in a matter of seconds. You only have to write Time + the city, and the first result that you will see will be the widget with the weather information. This widget shows you the temperature throughout the day, the possibility of precipitation and the wind.

Search within a specific time interval .

In many occasions, when we do searches, we see ancient results that are no longer valid. To avoid this, this advanced technique to search in Google will be beneficial.

If you want to narrow the results to see only the published pages in a specific time, write your keywords, select the Tools option, and then click on the arrow of Any date. Here you can indicate if you want to see the results of the last hour, last 24 hours, last week, last month or last year. If you prefer, select Custom Interval and enter the dates you want.

Convert between units of measure .

Another service offered by Google is the conversion between units of measure, so if you want to know, for example, how many miles are 80 kilometers, you just have to write it in the search engine.

Google will show you a widget with the equivalence of kilometers to miles, and you will also see the formula used to carry out the conversion. In addition to length, you can also convert measurements of fuel, energy, frequency, mass, pressure, data size, time, speed or volume, among many others.

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