6 WhatsApp functions you should know in your daily life

These are five functions of WhatsApp that are very basic, but which are really useful daily. They are not secret tricks or anything for which the FBI codes are needed, but they are functions that may not be known by everyone and are very useful.

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications on our phone. The Facebook app is, along with Instagram, Facebook itself, and others like Twitter, that keep us “stuck” on the phone for many hours throughout the day. As it is an app that we use so much, we tell you 5 great functions of WhatsApp you should know and that will be useful for you daily.

And, although very little by little, Facebook updates WhatsApp with new features. They are almost always welcome since they are usually functions that are in other platforms and applications that, finally, reach the messaging app. Little by little, WhatsApp is becoming a bit of Telegram, and vice versa, Telegram feeds WhatsApp to include other features.

Now, however, what concerns us is the Facebook app, and these are 5 essential functions of WhatsApp that we use a lot in day today.

Mark messages as favorites

These WhatsApp tricks that we are going to give you are nothing secret or options that you can use to perform tasks that the app does not have. These are very simple tips that some of you will already know, but many others may not.

One of the best simple tricks of WhatsApp is to use the favorites. Be an image, an audio or a message, saved in. Preferences allow us to keep the most important messages we receive in the app.

For example, I have a Wi-Fi key saved as a favorite, but also. Audios and photographs. Preferences work in groups as well as in individual contacts, and to put a message as a favorite, all we have to do is mark the text with a long press and hit the ” star ” that appears at the top.


If we want to see the favorites of each conversation, we access the profile of the group/user in the conversation and look for the tab ” personal messages ”. It’s that simple, and one of the best features of WhatsApp that you must know.

Set the audio recorder

The WhatsApp audios are one of the options that most divide the users. Or you love them, or you hate them, but the truth is that it is quite heavy to have your finger pressing the option to ”record audio” if you send messages of five minutes.


A daily WhatsApp trick is to hit the record audio button and drag it up. In this way, the recording icon appears with a padlock that symbolizes that we can release the finger and continue recording. Once we finish recording, we select ”send” and that’s it.

Delete messages from WhatsApp

Although it is not worth anything if it has already been read, because the message has been ”delivered”, we can delete a message from a WhatsApp conversation.


To do this, we keep the message that we want to delete pressed and select the trash can icon. We can erase the message. Or for the whole world, but there will always be a mark of ”This message was deleted ‘ in the ”timeline” of the conversation.

Put bold, italic and crossed out on WhatsApp

How do you put the bold WhatsApp? It is one of the questions that those who don’t know how to do bold in Whatsapp. But do not worry, since we are going to tell you how to do it. As well as crossed out and italics.


It is an excellent feature of WhatsApp and the only thing. What to do is the following:

  • To highlight a message in bold,
    • we must put ”*” before and after what we want to highlight. For example *hello*
  • If you’re going to put an italic, you must use the low bar ”_”.
    • An example is _hello_
  • Finally, to cross out a word,
    • we must use the symbol ~ before and after the word: ~Hello~

Play audios in a row

It is not a trick, but a function that was added recently and that is most useful. And it is that playing several audios in a row was something quite unbearable, especially if we go on the street and we must be aware of playing each audio.

Now, if there are several audios in a row, they are played automatically. That is if there are two or three audios in a row. They are played one after the other without having to do anything. There is simply a beep between audio and audio to indicate that it is different audio.

The beta version of WhatsApp

Already. We have seen some of the great functions of WhatsApp for the day to day, and before finishing, we remind you that there is a beta version of WhatsApp that new features arrive before the “normal” version.

If you are users who want to have the news before anyone else, you can always install the app, which is available in the Android Play Store.


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