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Hello friends, today in this article I am talking about microsoft windows 98 product keys,features advantage and disadvantage and history related to windows 98. Windows 98 (whose code name is Memphis) is a graphic operating system published on June 25, 1998, by Microsoft and the successor to Windows 95. Like its predecessor, it is a 16-bit and 32-bit hybrid monolithic product.

When Windows 98 arrived?

On June 25, 1998, Windows 98 arrived, which was a better revision of Windows 95. It included new hardware drivers and the FAT32 file system that supported partitions larger than the 2GB allowed by Windows 95.

The first edition of Windows 98.

The first edition of Windows 98 was designated by internal version numbers 4.10.1998, or 4.10.1998A if it had been updated with the Microsoft security CD. Windows 98 Second Edition is designated by internal version numbers 4.10.2222A or 4.10.2222B if it had been updated with the Microsoft security CD.

The Second edition of Windows 98.

In 1999 Microsoft launched Windows 98 Second Edition. A whose most notable feature was the ability to share an Internet connection between several computers through a single telephone line and some improvements to the original Windows 98.

Taking advantage of all the power of the PC and its accessories. In this way, Windows 98 has collected all the extensions, plug-ins and utilities that have been appearing since Windows 95 (and that it did not incorporate). Adding them to form a version that encompasses all these features in a single package.

Some examples may be DirectX drivers, which existed for Windows 95. But were not included in the product (at least in the first versions) and almost all Internet features. Which could be added with the installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer (such as Active Desktop, FrontPage Express, Outlook Express or web search). But that also did not come with Windows 95. It can be concluded that Windows 98 in terms of significant changes refers does not contribute much, to say almost anything,

Windows 98 versions


On May 5, 1999, Microsoft released Windows 98 SE, not being considered as a Windows 98 update, but as a new product. This causes a stir since it is not offered as a free update, which was what was expected, especially if we take into account that many programs require this version to work.

Windows 98 SE incorporates a series of new features compared to Windows 98, among which the correction of a series of errors, which makes this version one of the most stable of Windows.

Likewise, the compatibility of peripherals, the number of drivers incorporated directly into Windows and their compatibility with Windows NT are significantly expanded.

This version replaces IE 4.0 with the fastest 5.0, incorporating in some markets (by court order) the possibility of uninstalling this (which was not possible in Windows 98).

It also incorporates the possibility of sharing an Internet connection through the network.

Installation requirements for windows 98

The minimum installation requirements are established in:

  • Processor 80486 DX2 66MHz.
  • 16MB of RAM.
  • VGA monitor or higher.
  • CD-ROM drive (Windows 98 was not distributed on floppy disks).

As always, Microsoft was again quite optimistic, since with these parameters, very little could be done to the point. That Windows 98 SE does not allow it to be installed with less than 32MB of RAM.

The actual minimum configuration could be set in Pentium 166 MMX or similar and 64MB of RAM, which already achieves acceptable performance.

Both Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE pose some problems when they are installed on partitions larger than 32GB, although FAT32 does support them.

This is the most successful version so far and the most stable, to the point that it is still used today. Microsoft was forced to extend the support period from January 16, 2004 (the date on which It was scheduled to end) until July 11, 2006 (more than 6 years since it stopped being distributed).

Windows 98 Features

Microsoft Windows 98 physical improvements

The great improvements of Windows 98 are not visible, that is, as already mentioned. All those users who already had the plug-ins and accessories that Windows 98 incorporates will not notice substantial differences with the naked eye. But the real improvements they have occurred in the internal structure of the operating system in its skeleton and in its heart.

The 32-bit architecture has been significantly improved, including a new driver model, the Win32 Driver Model, which is a new unified driver system for Windows 98 (and Windows NT 5.0). Whose main advantage is the simplification of the process of creation of drivers for devices by hardware manufacturers, simplifying users to install them.

Benefits offered by Windows 98

  • Easy to use
  • Performance improvements
  • Reliability improvements
  • Total integration with the Internet
  • Greater ease of administration for companies
  • Speed
  • Preparation for technical advances

Performance improvements

Taking into account the test results of the beta versions of the software. Windows 98 completes many common tasks, such as system startup, application loading, and system shutdown, faster than previous versions.

The performance of your PC will also improve thanks to the new assistants such as the Commissioning, the Disk Defragmenter, and the new FAT32 file system. Total integration with the Internet Windows 98 is a fast, easy-to-use, and powerful platform that allows you to take full advantage of the possibilities of the Internet. Microsoft Internet Explorer is fully integrated into Windows 98, which makes it the fastest platform for Internet Explorer to run.

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The Internet connection is easier thanks to the Internet Connection Wizard, which obtains information from your Internet Service Provider and then helps you to configure your system. Through Outlook Express, you can easily send and receive email messages and read and manage newsgroups. You can have conversations (chat), make videoconferences and share software applications on the Internet with the help of Microsoft NetMeeting. Windows 98 also offers many Internet access options, including the ISDN Connection Wizard and dial-up networking.

The first edition of Windows 98 includes Internet Explorer 4 and the channel bar, which has access to the Internet Channel Guide. Through a “subscription” to the websites you want (channels). You can have your content sent directly and automatically to the desktop of your PC (where you really want to have them). So you can watch content from paid TV channels, such as for example Disney, ESPN, Sportszone, Wall Street Journal, and Time Magazine.

The second edition of Windows 98 includes Internet Explorer 5 and the Radio Bar, which has Internet access to the Windows Multimedia Guide (successor to the Internet Explorer 4 Channel Guide). Subsequently, Internet Explorer 6 for Windows 98 includes the Multimedia Bar, which consists of the Radio Bar and integrates the browser with Windows Media Player.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 98


  • Supports DOS and MAC files
  • Change the password
  • Work with printer
  • Turn the equipment on and off
  • Detect system error
  • It has file information
  • Use FAT 32 is what makes the system faster
  • Intruder Detection


  • You cannot limit the amount of hard disk space
  • Does not offer intruder lock
  • It does not support a DOS application
  • Does not support maximum open files
  • Requires at least 16 Mb in RAM and a Pentium processor of 133 MHZ or higher

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